Clash Bags is a handbags and accessories brand created by Ana Mendoza.

Clash Bags handbags and accessories are unique and limited edition handmade pieces, created using high quality leathers.

Clash Bags aims to offer thoroughly-manufactured unique pieces based upon minimalist designs, and devoted to enhance the quality of the various types of leather used. Leather is the prominent element that provides each unique item a high degree of elegance and beauty.

Clash Bags handbags and accessories are based on a pure-line design. The precision of the forms responds to a development based on getting rid of anything that can be dispensable in order to create designs for daily use, functional and long lasting.


Clash Bags launches after ten years of experience following the conclusion of Andaya bags brand, launched in 2001.

Bags and accessories made under the label Andaya were primarily made in canvas, cloth, rubber and other industrial materials. Andaya served as a phase of experimentation with materials and defining a personal unique style.

In parallel, during these years, I gained experience in the trade working with professionals in the field of leather goods, handbags and accessories, fashion designers and costumes for theater and cinema.

Now (2011) Clash Bags presents a new concept of designs made primarily in high quality leather.



My main inspiration is a constant work methodology in the search for a pure line design in which the sobriety of the forms and quality of materials are the main elements that provide a bag with a unique character and beauty.