Clash Bags are made entirely in the studio-house located in the forest close to Girona (Spain): from cutting, sewing and finishing leather to hammering rivets.

Clash Bags handbags and accessories are based on a pure-line design. The precision of the forms responds to a development based on getting rid of anything that can be dispensable in order to create designs for daily use, functional and long lasting.

My main inspiration is a constant work methodology in the search for the essence of the design of each piece in which the sobriety of the forms and quality of materials are the main elements that provide a bag with a unique character and beauty.

Clash Bags aims to offer thoroughly-manufactured unique pieces and small batch productions devoted to enhance the quality of the various types of leather used. Leather is the prominent element that provides each unique item a high degree of quality and elegance.


Polished Calf Leather

This leather is treated with a special finish giving it a smooth feel with a slight sheen. It is made from select calf skins and is strong yet becomes softer over time. Waterproof.

Soft Embossed Cow/Lamb Leather

A supple full grain leather, embossed with an exquisite pebbly pattern giving the appearance of natural grain. The durable leather is difficult to scratch yet at the same time it is flexible.

Nappa Lambskin Leather

Velvety to the touch, nappa lambskin is among one of the highest qualities of leathers and the most lightweight and soft. Its relaxed look and feel make nappa extremely comfortable. This quality leather offers great protection against the wind along with being resistant and warm.

Cow Suede Leather

Leather that has been finished by buffing with an abrasive process to create a 'velvet-like', 'fuzzy' textured surface.

Vegetable Tanning Cow Leather

A general term applied to different ënaturalí methods of tanning hides. The production process utilizes the substances (tannins) from organic matter such as tree bark extracts.


The first man-made fiber in the textile industry, nylon is classified as one of the most versatile fibers in use today. It's strong, difficult to scratch, and waterproof.



The customer must bear in mind that leather articles may have natural markings such as scars, brands, wrinkles, grain variation, or suffer slight changes in tone due to its natural characteristics.

We recommend protecting the leather article from rain and humidity. In every shipment,

Clash-Bags includes a canvas bag feasible to efficiently store and protect any item purchased in out site. These bags allow for air to freely circulate around the stored item so that strong odors do not remain attached and so that mold is less likely to grow.

Store the item at room temperature, preferably in a dimly lit area.

Leather bags should be stuffed with paper when stored to maintain form.

Careful attention to the storage and cleaning of your leather purchase will enhance and lengthen the lifespan of your leather accessory.

If you have any specific questions about caring for your leather bag, handbag or briefcase, please don't hesistate to contact me for more information on how to care for your leather bag.