Contemporary artisan Ana Mendoza elaborates high-end crafted bags and accessories mastering the traditional technique of leather. Her slow, methodical craft is critical to the last detail, with an inflexible sense of quality control.

After more than 20 years of experience, Ana continues to be passionate about implementing traditional craft techniques in her house-atelier located in the countryside in Catalonia, Spain. She and her small team work closely together to ensure that from the first sketch to the final polish, each object meets the highest demands in terms of functionality, durability, sustainability and clear design.

Her designs are based on a close observation of Ana's immediate surroundings and her understanding of the balance that can be found in nature. Her connection to the materials takes shape in the works. Designs are reduced to the essentials, focussing on form, function and proportion, giving the works an elegant and timeless appearance.

All works are handmade by Ana. Her craftsmanship is not only an ethical and sustainable way of being in the world, but also a practice that resists the mass production of the fashion industry.

CLASH BAGS objects combine a timeless aesthetic with three crucial properties: functionality, durability and sustainability.

120 Belt Bag in Natural Vegetable Tanned Calfskin Leather | Clash Bags


The value of each of the individual pieces made by CLASH BAGS embodies their functionality and their contemporary and even timeless modernity. For Ana Mendoza, the form and completion of each object are subject to the dictum of function. The imperceptibly special thing about CLASH BAGS' style is its simplicity. No ornaments lend the individual pieces a coherence that radically turns away from what characterizes the fashion industry. While each CLASH BAGS piece is otherwise manufactured according to their useful designation, the concept is reduced to the essentials.

Good design lives from its versatility. That is why CLASH BAGS relies on functional designs that can be used in a variety of ways. The striving for clarity and simplification in favour of each object is therefore evident in the designs and handicraft by CLASH BAGS.

Ana Mendoza is always testing and experimenting new techniques and materials. This is how the CLASH BAGS jewelry series was created. Three treasures for the crucial things in life: thinking, desiring and creating. The golden drill, the golden acorn and the golden pinecone are designed in the same minimalist style as the bags and leather accessories.The jewelry represents the expertise of CLASH BAGS in its design and in its message.


CLASH BAGS and accessories are handmade in small series from the first to the last step by Ana Mendoza in close cooperation with her team.

The calfskin comes exclusively from Spain, where it passes through a process of vegetable tanning. After the leather has been carefully inspected, the individual parts are cut out by hand. The edges of the leather are dyed and polished several times. The seam that joins the individual parts of the bag is of immense importance for the durability of the bag. That is why it is still pierced directly by hand at CLASH BAGS.

All bags and leather goods are sewn with a specific tear and abrasion resistant thread. The waxed linen thread used for the seams is re-waxed by hand before sewing for optimum durability. This gives the bags a premium stitching and ensures longevity.

CLASH BAGS leather goods are made to be lifelong companions. They belong to you and change with you and become more and more beautiful with time and use. Like their owners, they take on unique characteristics, showing signs of use and like a face, tell their own individual story. Due to the high quality workmanship, they can be passed on from generation to generation.

CLASH BAGS and accessories are handmade in small series from the first to the last step by Ana Mendoza in close cooperation with her team.


At CLASH BAGS, we take responsibility seriously when developing and producing our products. Respect for nature and its materials is at the heart of our label.

CLASH BAGS seeks to change the mentality of "fast fashion" industry that has a significant environmental impact, rediscovering the value of durable objects. CLASH BAGS leather goods and accessories are handmade in small series from the first to the last step by Ana Mendoza in the mountains of Catalonia, Spain.

CLASH BAGS leather goods are made with Vegetable Tanned Calfskin Leather from Spain. Vegetable tanning is an ancient and traditional process that it is more eco-friendly than its siblings - Synthetic Faux Leather and Chrome Tanned Leather. CLASH BAGS designs use minimal hardware, stripping it down to only the most essential hardware.

Surplus leather that cannot be used in bag manufacturing is upcycled in the production of labels and pouches for jewelry to be stored in. Therefore, they are always different.

Even though our bags are crafted to last, extra care should be taken to keep your back in perfect conditions. However, if over the years and with normal use a bag suffers wear and tear on a seam or zip, we undertake to repair it. 

Packaging is made of cotton cloth which can be repurposed for multiple uses with long durability. We encourage customers to opt for minimal packaging.