Leather is the expertise of CLASH BAGS where we have in-depth knowledge and decades of experience. We have a careful selection of the finest leather on the market chosen for their high calibre.

It is a natural material that should be treated with the utmost respect. Only the high standards of animal welfare provide the high quality we seek in our selection of the highest qualities.

The calfskin comes exclusively from Spain, where it passes through a process of vegetable tanning. After the leather has been carefully inspected, the individual parts are cut out by hand.

CLASH BAGS designsare made with Vegetable Tanned Calfskin Leather from Spain. Vegetable tanning is an ancient and traditional process that it is more eco-friendly than its siblings – Synthetic Faux Leather and Chrome Tanned Leather. CLASH BAGS designs use minimal hardware, stripping it down to only the most essential hardware.

Surplus material that cannot be used in bag manufacturing is upcycled in the production of labels and pouches for jewelry to be stored in. Therefore, they are always different.

Even though our bags are crafted to last, extra care should be taken to keep your back in perfect conditions.

Packaging is made of cotton cloth which can be repurposed for multiple uses with long durability. We encourage customers to opt for minimal packaging.


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