159,00  Incl. VAT

Drill Necklace symbolizes the creativity of the craftsman and their tools. Even the most banal and smallest object is important to awaken the creative force. Stripping the masculinity value of specific tools, Drill Necklace transforms a simple drill bit into a genderless and precious object.

The jewelry pieces arise from Ana Mendoza’s creative obsession and her strong design principles. The first series of golden necklaces are inspired by three important treasures in life and reflect Clash Bags’ purpose: Creating, Thinking and Desiring.

Material: 18k gold plated sterling silver
Length of the drill (cm): 0,60
Length of the necklace (cm): 29
Weight of the drill: 0.6 kg
Model ID:GBR2021

Care: Store separately inside the original leather pouch.

Entirely handcrafted in Spain.